Paul Dowell

Company Owner and Director
Mail: paul@dowellwholesalecars.co.nz
Office: (03) 548 0568
Mobile: 0274489855
Fax: (03) 548 0562

Company Director and owner Paul Dowell has been involved in the motor industry for the last 28 years. After leaving school he started as a car groomer. After 4 or so years he then moved into sales. Paul has been involved in both new and used car and light commercial sales. Approximatley 10 years ago he started a wholesale company buying and selling to car dealers through out NZ, which he still does today in conjunction with running the Dowell Wholesale Cars yard. Paul travels regularly throughout NZ buying stock for both his reatail yard and his wholesale business. He is avaliable on 0274489855.

Vanessa Gilbertson

Sales Rep
Mail: vanessa@dowellwholesalecars.co.nz
Office: 035480568
Mobile: 0274489877

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